CYA. Doesn't state what India's long term objective visavis China - andLAC defined with inherent dangers of escalation or settle border which will bring peace not just tranquility.

There is no clarity on what card India holds on any kind of talks or negotiations - military or political. May be how economic cooperation with peace in the background to highlight win win for both, eco disparity notwithstanding, is the only redeeming possibilty.

At his level some vision for the future is expected. May be we really don't have one. So simply knee-jerk fire fight.

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I disagree with your thesis that the Foreign Minister’s comment about relative size and strength of the Indian economy (vis-a-vis China) was perhaps unsurprising. Does it serve Indian interests by publicly telegraphing our relative weakness? Seen this way, it seems like an unfortunate comment or worse a diplomatic gaffe.

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