Sitemap - 2021 - The India China Newsletter

Postcard from a Zero Covid world, a new Land Border Law, and the significance of Peng Shuai's revelations

A note to readers: a short break

Separating propaganda from policy in China's emerging Afghanistan strategy

A buffer zone at Gogra, an India China public opinion 'struggle', and Chinese investments in India decline

Floods in Henan, Xi in Tibet, State media revisits Galwan, and on surveillance in India and China

India's and China's Foreign Ministers meet, trade booms, and Chinese workers killed in Pakistan

China and the Taliban, 'national humiliation' narratives, and how China negotiates with India

Modi speaks to the Dalai Lama, PLA reshuffles, Didi's troubles, Xi throws a party, and the art of lying flat

Control, chaos, and the Communist Party of China at 100 - all you need to know

One year after: How Galwan Valley changed India's relations with China

The boom in India's trade with China, Galwan one year after, and who gets called a 'traitor' in China in 2021

June 4, Guangzhou in lockdown, and where China's leaders go to train abroad

Three child policy lessons for India, Galwan anniversary, BRICS, and Xi's message on messaging

How effective are China's vaccines, the dark side of India's iron ore exports, and Xi’s message to China’s media

Decoupling 'contradictions', lab-leak investigations, and the art of apology

India, China, and a tale of two vaccination programs, and rewriting Party history

Easing curbs on goods from China, Chinese supplies surge (so do prices), and revisiting the start of COVID-19

Inside the debate in China about India's Covid-19 crisis

India's big 5G call, and the complicated optics of Covid-19 supplies from China

Xi writes to Modi, Foreign Ministers speak, and is Tech China turning away from India?

India’s forgotten lessons from Wuhan, Covid-19 aid, and after Xi, who?

Xi at Boao, two rules-based orders, and two narratives on the border

Stalemate on the LAC, and Chinese money in Indian sport

Looking ahead to tomorrow's border talks, and Wuhan one year on

India-Taiwan ties, China remembers Galwan martyrs, and China's problem with small circles

Alaska, India, and the Quad; China's turn against foreign brands; and burying the 'Chinese Virus' bunkum

The road ahead from Alaska

The Quad summit as seen from China

India amends telecom rules, a wrap of the NPC, and reading the tea-cups in China

Reading China's Foreign Minister's Press Conference, dams on the Brahmaputra, and bureaucracy in India and China

A 6% growth target, a $209 billion defence budget, a vision for 2035, and other takeaways from China's National People's Congress

India recalibrates FDI policy, China's R&D spending boom, and the political importance of this year's NPC

Did China turn off Mumbai's lights, Beijing's $30 trillion economy plan, and looking ahead to the NPC

India, China Foreign Ministers review disengagement, and a landmark in China's poverty battle

Why China was again India's biggest trade partner in 2020, and where did the Galwan Valley clash happen?

Anti-India sentiment surges on China's social media, and the road ahead on the border

China announces deaths from Galwan clash, disengagement completed at Pangong, and the Quad meets

How India and China came to 'the brink of war', and a survey of early Chinese reactions to disengagement

LAC disengagement and the road ahead, China investment proposals in India begin to move, and the politics behind Alibaba's troubles

How India and China arrived at a deal to disengage at the LAC, and debating the terms of disengagement

Making sense of India's and China's plan for disengagement on the LAC - Five Takeaways

Will India and China disengage from the LAC (this time), and welcoming the Year of the Ox

WHO team says lab leak unlikely, and a meeting of minds in India and China on 'hostile foreign forces'

Line of Actual Control confessions, revisiting the debt trap myth, and China blocks Clubhouse

Chinese perceptions of the border crisis, jostling in the Indian Ocean, and a Cantonese Hindi romance

Republics of hurt feelings, and how to read the Global Times

China backs Myanmar, more Xinjiang horrors, and the Indian Navy's budget problem

How India and China are looking at Myanmar, an India Japan project in Sri Lanka takes a hit, and a message from the Dalai Lama

China spurs a hike in India's defence spending, and India's decoupling push gathers pace

China responds to India's Foreign Minister's proposal, and a reality check on India China growth comparisons

India's Foreign Minister's blueprint to fix China ties, TikTok layoffs in India, and a Chinese view of farmers protests

India continues ban on Chinese apps, 'malign' vaccine competition, and remembering the Wuhan lockdown

No breakthrough in LAC talks, India honours Galwan braves, Xi's Davos speech, and vaccine competition

A clash on the India China border, marathon military talks, and rewriting the Wuhan story

China's border village building spree, vaccine diplomacy, and a Tibetan social media sensation

China welcomes Biden by announcing sanctions, and India's problem with dragonfruit

Jack Ma is back, India's China studies in crisis, and would you rather be born in India or China?

Fallout from China's border village, a curious India China spy story, and the scandal making news in China today

A Chinese village in Arunachal, India-China trade in 2020, and a Xinhua send-off for Trump

China's economy grows stronger, training drone pilots for the border, and the world's problem with Chinese honey

India and China in the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy, lessons from China's farms, and a Xinjiang survivor's story

India's Army Chief speaks on the LAC, a troop reduction on the border, and a return to lockdowns in China

India apprehends a Chinese soldier, stranded sailors head home, and a deep look at China's foreign aid

India gets a strike corps for the China border, and Kerala's Shaolin connect

How China's media is covering Washington's chaos, with lots of schadenfreude and 'this is karma'

A Chinese strategist's pessimistic outlook for India and China in 2021, and the data tussle behind Alibaba's problems

New year, same stalemate on the LAC, and more Jack Ma rumours

Is Jack Ma really missing, and the importance of China's new defence law

Chinese loan sharks in India, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor at 5, and the Central Military Commission gets more power

A Chinese influencer takes aim at India, Wang Yi speaks, and a railway to Tibet

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